Tuesday, October 19

September / Quilt #9 Completed!

Unsewn September Quilt #9

Another beautiful quilt completed! Here are the works in Quilt #9 (September). You can view all of the artwork close-up here.

Artists (from top-left to bottom-right): Sherill Anne Gross, Sonia Esplugas, Cecilia Alfonso Esteres, Amy Karol, Valeria Cis, Brittni Wood, Jay Deitrich, Yael Frankel, Catherine Campbell, Alicia Varela, Davide Bignotti, Samantha Wedelich

Thank you all for your participation in the project!


  1. Congratulations for the two quilts lately completed! You must be very delighted that the project goes to its final realization!:)

  2. Thank you :) Really, the artists are to be congratulated! They made it happen after all :)