Monday, August 30

New Artwork Added!

New artwork has been submitted from Ali J. and Lina Safar! Both pieces are available on flickr for your viewing pleasure!

Wednesday, August 25

New Artist and New Artwork!


It is amazing to me how much progress has been made over the past few months. Thanks to all the Paper Quilt artists who have placed their faith in me to make this project into something grand. Every time I look back and admire all of the artwork that has been sent in for this project, I feel extremely grateful that so many talented artists were so willing to participate. Especially now that it's been years since the end of the initial project, many of you still believe in the project and that makes me heart melt. I just wanted to let you all of you know how happy you have all made me feel and how appreciative I am to have you be apart of PQP. Thank you so much!

Before I go, I want to welcome a new artist to the project, Jinnie Lee of Lilacmoon Studio. Welcome Jinnie!!

Lastly, be sure to stop by Flickr to see all of the new art being submitted to PQP. You can now view Danita's artwork for the PQP! Thank you Danita! I love it :)

Wednesday, August 18

Welcome Luc and Javier!

A warm welcome and thank you to both Luc of Ilustrista and Javier Gonzales Burgos for joining the Paper Quilt Project this past week! So happy to have you both.

I am so excited about all our new artists and cannot wait to see their work posted up in the gallery, along with all the original work submitted to PQP!

Only 8 more openings to go!

P.S. - I finally completed my personal piece for Quilt #12 (December)!

Monday, August 16

Jared Andrew Schorr

I just received an email from Jared about his piece for PQP and I could not wait for its arrival in my mailbox to show you his amazing creation! I'm speechless.


I received two new pieces for PQP in the mail recently and wanted to let you know that I have added them both to the Gallery and Flickr.

Thank you Jordan and Jane for your contributions!

Monday, August 9


First, I would like to welcome Lina Safar and Lori Joy Smith to the Paper Quilt Project! I am very happy to have you both be apart of this and look forward to seeing what you come up with.

Second, I just noticed an update on the Flickr Group pool! Check out the beautiful work by Jordan Grace Owens!

Third, thank you to all the artists who have participated in this project and to those of you just joining the project. Thank you thank you thank you! I cannot wait to see all of your entries and to get this project finished up so we can get to the exciting part of sewing the quilts together!