Thursday, September 23


Two new lovely pieces have been added to Flickr! Thank you Lori and Heather for your wonderful contributions!

Wednesday, September 22

Flickr Group Pool

Have you had a chance to peak at the Flickr Group Pool lately? Artists are adding their collages to the pool before they get posted in the PQP gallery!

A Big Thanks & Welcome!

Thank you all for your submissions to the project. I'm sorry I am unable to write back to all of you, but the amount of submissions has been incredible. I am slowly, but surely looking for an artist to fill the last spot in the project. Please be patient and understanding with me. I am just a single gal running this show :) I do truly appreciate the support I have been receiving for the project and am extremely grateful for your kind words. Thank you from the bottom of my heart :)

Lastly, I just want to give a big welcome to a few artists to the project:

Both Pin Pal girls will be joining us for Quilt #6. Hooray! Welcome Sam and Sarah! In addition, Pergylene Acuña from the Philippines has also joined the project! I'm very happy to have you be apart of this amazing project! Welcome :)

Friday, September 10


We're almost there folks! Not only do we have nearly all the artists we need, the artwork is coming in fast and the quilts are filling up quickly! It's exciting to think about it and I cannot wait to see every quilt completed.

Let's welcome Heidi Kenney and Susanna Rumiz to the Paper Quilt Project!

And before you start your weekend, be sure to check out Minifanfan's contribution to the project!

Wednesday, September 8

New Work & Artist

Let's welcome the newest artist to PQP, Lee Crutchley! :) So great to have you join us! Your collage papers are on their way.

If you have time, please take a look at Sandra Juto's piece for PQP. Isn't it special?! Thank you Sandra for such lovely work :)